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Western Australia's Waroona attracted settlers in the late 1830s and was originally known as Drakesbrook.

Located in the SouthWest region of Western Australia, Waroona established itself as a town when the railway line in Pinjarra and Picton was established in 1893. The railway construction gave the area a real purpose and vibrancy as local timber was milled for the project. The line's extension in later years attracted further settlers to the district.

The town's mill workers were well catered for with a post office, general store, blacksmith, various accommodation houses, churches, a doctor and dentist. The townsite's surrounding farms supplied butter, fruit and vegetables to the men of the mills and chaff for the horse teams that hauled the logs. The town grew and a real community spirit was encouraged with old time dances, group picnics and outings as well as sport gatherings, in particular football.

In more recent times, the devastation of the Dwellingup fire of 1961 saw the closure of the nearby Nanga Brook Mill and townsite. Modern day industries include agriculture, specifically beef and fresh produce, bauxite mining and tourism are important contributors to the local economy.

The town's history is extensively recorded in the book ‘Drakesbrook Days and Waroona Years'.

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