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The community of Waroona has been involved in many art projects including those sponsored by ALCOA and the Fremantle Art Centre as part of their "Art in the Community" series.  All projects have been assured success under the creative direction of talented local artists and with the support of the Shire of Waroona, local businesses and families. Each project makes a statement on Waroona’s community spirit and pride of place.

  • Wave your Flag - Created by Waroona's youth, the flags are on display in front of the Memorial Hall. The colourful imagery depicts the areas of tourism, history, commerce and agriculture.
  • Heritage Bush Poles - View the unique 'forest' of carved and painted jarrah poles (adjacent to the Visitor Centre) near the northern tourist bay. The concept was so well received that additional funding was secured for poles at Lake Navarino Forest Resort, Hamel, Lake Clifton and Preston Beach.
  • Sofa - In the centre of town you will find Waroona’s 2.4 tonne concrete sofa which was once covered by a 'patchwork quilt'. Over 60 local men and women created pieces portraying something important about their lives in Waroona.  Due to deterioration of the fibreglass coating it was necessary to refurbish the sofa in 2008 by stripping back the fibreglass and removing the 'quilt' pieces.  The new-look sofa has been painted by local artist Lorraine Bawden with scenes showing 'old' Waroona, local flora and fauna, and places of interest.
  • Waroona Heritage Trail - Bollards mark this heritage 'walk or drive' trail that passes many historical sites and buildings. Local artists provided sketches of the sites as they were and these form the basis for the trail guide available from the Visitor Centre. The bollards also have directions to the next place of interest.
  • Aluminium Sculptures and Mosaics (Drakesbrook Place) - The concept of this project was to develop a series of aluminium sculptures to tell the story of Waroona's heritage, culture and diversity through education and art.  Over 250 school children and 100 community members were involved in the consultation phase of the project.  The design was based around a common theme with elements within the design reflecting the childrens interpretation of stories told to them by older members of the community.  Local artisan Warren East, as leading artist for the project, co-ordinated a team of local artists to create the sculptures, panels and footpath mosaic.  An interesting addition to the project are six engraved aluminium panels representing the six aboriginal seasons and these now adorn the Moorditj Miya Building (Waroona District High School) providing educational insight for local students.


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